Only good choices

NORDFOX is an expert at installing interior for stores, hotels, storage spaces, ships, bars, cafes as well as office and home furniture. Like the Arctic fox, we are used to seeing excellent opportunities where the lazier only see blinding light. Achieving a perfect result when installing an interior often requires building or removing partitions, reorganising the electricity or sewerage system, painting ceilings, updating flooring, etc. NORDFOX is a company that installs interiors, but we are very capable of these tasks as well.  For our customers, this means peaceful sleep and the knowledge that everything will turn out as it should by the agreed deadline.


NordFox – only good choices

Long-term experience in the field of installing interior has given us very important knowledge that cannot be learned in school. Fitting a space comprises a whole series of thought-out activities, and installing furniture, kitchen appliances or storage shelves is only one part of it. NORDFOX has always deemed the objective of its activity to be establishing a perfectly functioning environment where all the parts support one another and form a harmonious whole. We believe that this is the only way to create an environment that supports commercial activities where both the customers and the employees feel good.

The customers phrase the objective, NORDFOX implements all its knowledge and experience to achieve this objective. Simple. 


Information plays a very important role in any business area. The same goes for the area of fitting stores, warehouses, restaurants and offices. NORDFOX has been glad to co-operate with many panting companies, water and electricity companies, flooring installers, furniture manufacturers and dealers, etc. Of course, we have our favourites whose quality of work and meeting of deadlines we can always be sure of. This, however, does not mean that we’ve closed the door to newcomers.

We are still interested in new co-operation partners and companies who offer very specific solutions and exciting products. We can never know who, where and when might have a desire to use a solution offered by you in their interior. We would therefore be very grateful if you contacted us and introduced your products to us.

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Although NORDFOX was established in 2005, the core team has been amicably working for the same goal already since the 90s of the previous century. We enjoy each other’s company and know how to have fun in our work. We continue to be curious and despite long-term work experience, we continue to tirelessly find new products and solutions to use in our work and recommend to customers. This is also one of the most important driving forces that helps us stay in shape and does not let the everyday take over.

In 2013, we opened our agency in Lithuania, named Nordfox LT. Through quality work and innovative solutions, we have won the heart of Lithuanian customers as well. In addition to Lithuania, we have successfully completed our projects in Latvia, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Finland, Denmark, France, Germany and Russia, and the list will be supplemented further soon.

So, if you’re in the process of moving, renovating, updating or selling the interior of your store, shop, warehouse, restaurant, office, hotel or ship, don’t hesitate to contact us. We resolve issues in the order they occur, and none of them take us by surprise. We can foresee and often prevent them. For you, this means a full fitting service in the most literal sense of the word – we will take care of resolving all the issues arising in the course of the project, leaving only the good choices up to you.



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