In the event of new customers, companies working on the installation of interiors are sent an interior design project and a price inquiry for carrying it out. We are very grateful for the opportunity, and after visiting the site we will present our price proposal together with a potential schedule. If our price proposal is successful, we will accept the furnishings delivered to the site and install it according to the design. If necessary, we will carry out all the other required work and do everything in our power to ensure that our long-term and mutually beneficial and pleasant co-operation will commence, not end with signing the instrument of delivery and receipt for the project. We are very glad that this is exactly what has happened, and as much as 72% of NORDFOX’s sales revenue is generated by our long-term co-operation partners. The service of managing installation projects has grown out of the trust relationships. If our customer is planning to fit out their store, warehouse, restaurant or fair booth in, for example, Finland or Germany, it is understandably not expedient to transport the entire NORDFOX team to carry out the work there. It is enough that our specialists go to the site and organise things the way that the customer has always preferred, setting up a necessary team with local specialists. It’s as easy as that. We make an effort to have more and more of such working relationships.