Nothing happens when it takes you weeks to mount your marmalade shelf, or when you have to wait a few extra days for your new sofa to arrive. It’s another story when the pre-booked hotel room or a ship cabin is not furnished on time.

The bigger the site, the more responsibility from the part of the contractor to finish it on time. Every day that exceeds the deadline might mean high additional costs and further headache to the contractor. In the end it will not matter if the project was overdue because of the error in the project, or because a socket or a water tube was installed in the wrong place. The contracts will be brought out and the lawyers will get busy.

From the beginning of its foundation Nordfox has organised its work in such a way that the furnishings will be installed professionally, neatly and in timely fashion, even if in addition to our main work we have to fix other people’s errors. Naturally we will co-ordinate the amount and cost of the additional work, but one thing is certain – we do not leave you alone with your problems and we do not try to find excuses why the work cannot be done.

The precondition of finishing the project on time and with high quality is close co-operation between the teams on the site. The builders, painters, electricians and furnishers have to communicate and cooperate closely in the best sense of the word.

Since we are the last people to literally leave the room, we gladly take the responsibility for leading the project. We see to this that the furniture arrives at the site after the painters and electricians have already completed their job, not vice versa. We are always on the site and keep an eye on the work, so that an incorrectly installed socket or tube would not stop our work.

Installing the interior furniture is creation to us, be it a warehouse, upscale restaurant, ship cabin or a hotel room. We are genuinely pleased when, at delivering the project to the client it feels like a custom-made, impeccably fitting suit. Nothing could be different in the room as it is at the moment of delivery.

ADVICE: If you decide to give us an opportunity and order the installing of the interior furniture for your hotel rooms or ship cabins from Nordfox, it would be economically sound to involve our specialist with the project at the earliest stage possible.