Have you thought about what makes up the price of beverages and dishes offered in bars, cafes and restaurants? Broadly, you could divide it into three – the taste of dishes and beverages, service, and interior. NORDFOX is a company in charge of installing interiors, but despite this, our activity can largely help to ensure a more effective operation of the entire restaurant. If the interior has been carefully thought out, the waitstaff will find it easier to set tables and serve customers, bartenders are more effective at serving drinks, chefs at creating their masterpieces, and cleaners at cleaning. And if all the team members can do their job comfortably, they are sure to be happier doing it, and the small smile in the corner of their mouths will not be missed by the customers.

NORDFOX has had a hand in creating the interiors of many cafes and restaurants. Thus, our specialists could tell you in their sleep how far should chairs be from one another, how far should a table be from the wall, what is the optimal closeness of serving tables, etc.

ADVICE: If you wish to create a harmonious interior for your eating establishment, we recommend that you contact us in the earliest stage of your project possible and answer two simple questions: what do you have and where do you want to end up? We will then look at how to achieve the goal together. Although we have a lot of co-operation partners who are furniture manufacturers in both Estonia and abroad, we are completely free in our choices and are foremost guided by the customer’s needs.