There are a lot of companies manufacturing furnishings for stores, warehouses, restaurants and cafes. There are even more entrepreneurial people who wish to create unique and spectacular interiors that would support the achievement of their business goals. If they don’t have an established co-operation partner, they find a few furniture manufacturers on the internet, sent their interior design projects and price inquiries to them and start waiting for the offers.

We can say based on our long-term experience that the job will go to a furniture manufacturer who does not send a price proposal to the company but instead sends out their co-operation partner designer. It is a specialist who maps the customer’s needs on site and, knowing the opportunities and materials used by the furniture manufacturer, helps the customer choose what they like from among those. Of course, the designer is guided foremost by the customer’s needs and may therefore also recommend elements from the product range of competitors. Some time later, the furniture manufacturer together with the installation company will send a joint offer together with a detailed scheduled to the customer.

The customer needs the designer’s advice and is therefore, as a rule, grateful for personal attention. Even if the customer decides to go with a competing (read: cheaper) offer this time, you can be sure that sincerely helping to solve their problems will bring the customer to your door next time around.