Flexibility is the most important prerequisite for achieving success in commerce. This forces vendors to often change their commercial premises in order to find an optimal environment that supports the achievement of business goals. Changing commercial premises, however, always brings about updating or fully replacing the interior. As a rule, shop fitting is preceded by updating the interior, adapting the electrical systems to the new needs, replacing flooring, painting, etc. The whole project has to be thought out to the smallest details, because each day lost on moving means loss of profit for the vendor.

NORDFOX has also faced challenges where the vendor has to move out of the previous premises before the new spaces are ready. Because the customer’s problems are our problems, we leased storage spaces, temporarily installed the entire shop interior there, organised accelerated repairs for the new premises, and installed both the goods and the interior in their correct places at the first opportunity.

ADVICE: In order for us to make an offer for fitting your store that is as accurate as possible and takes into account all the requirements, please send us the interior design project for the new spaces and invite us to see the interior of your store. We will thoroughly think about the process and make you an offer together with the list of works and a detailed schedule. If you do not have an interior design project, we will specify the objectives of the project in the course of a discussion.